Introductions: Prof. Loop


Hello All!

I am looking forward to a summer of investigation and discovery with you as we look into artifacts and artworks from prehistory through into the renaissance eras.

This is a place for introduction so I won’t go into the course information here, you should watch my introduction to the course video on Foxtale for all the precursor information and general course excitement I have to share with you.

A blurb about myself etc. 

Pictured above is my family, which is a pretty big part of my life. My husband Jamison works in admissions with transfer students, some of you may know him from your admissions process to Fox.  Samuel is our oldest and will be three later this summer, then there is Simon, our newest addition born April 17th, so just over a little little one at this point.  Then, of course our pup Gatsby, who has been with us for a long time now.  We took him in almost 8 yrs ago after being married only a few months.  Gatsby the dog has gone on many adventures with us including joining us in Germany for three years while we worked at an international school, he is a stellar companion.  You can guess his mix as he is a perfect mutt, however, we are fairly certain he has both border collie and lab in there as main components.

When I’m not teaching art history I enjoy spending my time in a few ways!

Ceramics: I love making and working with my hands so you might catch me in the studio putting clay together into something new.  You can also catch me selling my work on First Fridays in Newberg.  I sell my work out of a renovated trailer turned studio/pop-up shop and I park next to Pulp & Circumstance.  Come say hello!

Outside: I need to be out and about everyday if possible.  My little Samuel shares this need with me so we spend a lot of time outside Iran or shine exploring and just going around town.  I love the coast and so does the rest of my family so we try to get out to the coast often, our favorite town is Cannon Beach, especially on a weekday during the spring when it is a little less crowded!  Hiking and camping is always an option for us when we are thinking of what to do for the weekend and even though all our adventures look a little different now that we have children in tow we love to share our adventures with them.  We even took Samuel for a short backpacking trip last summer!

Outings/Travel: I like to see new places, I got spoiled living in Europe for a few years with all the new and interesting opportunities to travel affordably there.  Together with my family, we still make a point to travel and explore even though those explorations tend to be a little closer to home.

One place I would like to go but have not had the chance to would be Berlin.  I know it’s in Germany and I lived in Germany for a few years, but we never got up to Berlin and it’s full of amazing interesting culture.

One place I would like to return to and visit again (or live there!) would be Edinburgh, Scotland.  I loved the vibe of that city and my husband and I would like to do some hiking and backpacking there in the highlands, maybe even with the kids once they can carry their own weight (plus some!)

Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit more!

Jennifer Joy Loop

instagram @jenniferjoystudio


7 thoughts on “Introductions: Prof. Loop”

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    Great to be in your class again. I knew you had spent some time in Germany, but I hadn’t known it was for a good chunk of time! Most of my family came from Germany, and my brother moved back for a short while after he graduated high school. I’m the only one on my mom’s side that has yet to go, but between the cultural influence of my mom’s side, and all the exchange students we hosted growing, Germany has grown near and dear. I’d love to hear more about your time there!


    1. Oh we should chat further about Germany. I love it and would move back in a heartbeat. (We are into living close by family with the babies right now though.) I love the people and the culture and it is so, so very beautiful. Where in Germany is your family from? Do you want to eat Spatzle with me next year? I make it from scratch. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    Nice to meet you!

    During my juniors abroad trip (Ireland/England), I got to go to a lot of museums, so I’m very excited to learn more about the history/context of some of the pieces I’ve seen!

    I agree with you that Berlin has a lot of culture. One thing I thought was very fascinating is looking at the pieces of the Berlin Wall that has been distributed to different cities. The different type of art/graffiti really encapsulates the time when the wall was up!


    1. Ah yes! The Berlin Wall is so interesting. Our land lady was a young adult still when the wall went down and grew up in East Germany. She had some interesting stories to tell!

      I hope that your experience from Juniors Abroad helps bring some of the artwork to life. Being able to imagine the places the pieces were made and the culture they were a part of helps so much!


      1. I agree that traveling definitely brings some of the artwork to life. Flipping through the book for the first week’s assignment, I have already been to at least two of the places mentioned (the Stonehenge and Salisbury cathedral). This is all very exciting!


  3. Hi Jennifer!

    I am excited to be taking your class this summer. I have never taken an art history class before, so everything will be new to me! I have gained a stronger interest by seeing artwork in person when I went to Italy this summer. I am sure that after taking this class my new love for art will only grow every more!

    Living in Europe sounds like such an amazing experience! I have never been to Germany. I have only heard great things about it and want to go there someday!


  4. Hi Jennifer! Where in Germany did you guys live? My grandfather was born and raised there until World War II so I have always wanted to go visit! What first started your love for ceramics and art? I am really excited to take this class with you mostly because of your energy and joy!


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