Jackie, Your New Pal


If we have yet to meet, my name is Jackie. If you already know me…well it’s still Jackie. I’m the blonde girl in all these pictures below. The brunette is my best friend Alli. She the very bestest support system and adventure pal to have. Our favorite pass times are dropping is like it’s hot, hiking, and eating ice cream. She’s also a Nusring Major at Fox. If you see her around, tell ‘er Jackie sent ya. She’ll probably be the neatest person you’ll ever meet (and a pretty great glimpse into who I am as a person).

As much as I could talk about her for hours, I’ll tell you a bit more about me. After summer I’ll be returning to Fox as a Junior studying Studio Art and Christian Ministries and an RA over Macy 3. I love plants, people, and paints, so all of these things kinda fit into my passions. Long term I want to teach Junior High Art and go back and get my Master’s in Counseling. I think it would be cool to use art and the creative process to help in counseling.

Until then I’ll be in the Seattle Area ish. I would call Newberg home right now, though. After my first semester at Fox my parents moved to Arizona and I was NOT about 115 degree summers. I currently just kinda house hop between friends and relatives in the Seattle Area while I’m working part time at the Starbucks I started at in high school and soon to be starting up an internship over Student Ministries at the church I grew up at. I like my life. It’s adventure filled and unknown right now, and the inconsistency has been stretching me in new ways that’s been really great! When I’m not working or schooling, I like to [insert every pnw kid’s outdoor activity list]. I like to be outside. I like to meet new people. I really like it when I can combine those two and go outside with people. I also really like to read, make dad jokes, write, make art, eat ice cream, and pretend I have important emails to send while I sit in coffee shops.

That’s all for now. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Jackie, Your New Pal”

  1. Hello Jackie!

    First of all, I just want to say, I love your writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your intro. I also love the pictures of you and Alli – it looks like you guys have an awesome friendship 😊. It’s so cool you’ll be an RA at Macy 3. I lived in Macy 2 my freshman year, and it is such a fun dorm with a great community (alongside Sutton and Hobson).

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but from your post, it seems like you grew up in the Seattle area, right? I cannot imagine spending the summer in Arizona! 115 degrees is insane, especially coming from the Seattle. I love that you will be able to start your internship at the church you grew up at. What will you primarily be doing with the student ministries?


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    1. YAY! haha, thank you, I try to make my writing as personable as possible. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      That’s correct, born and raised in Renton (adjacent to Seattle). I’m happy to visit my parents in fall-spring time, but summer is a for sure “no” when I’m used to 80 degrees max haha.

      The internship will consist of writing cirriculum for a summer long bible study with the high schoolers, a lot of camps adminstration, teaching on Sundays for Junior High and High School, planning and running summer events…basically a Youth Pastor wannabe for the summer.

      Thanks for all the questions! Excited to know you more!


  2. “[insert every pnw kid’s outdoor activity list].” Is my favorite part of your introduction.
    What can we say? PNW just has a way with people right?
    I grew up in Washington too, but just barely, in Vancouver!

    Later this summer we are going on a family vacation to Bellingham, so up past Seattle!

    Glad you get to stay in the PNW this summer, fun fact, I was born in Phoenix, AZ. (My dad was based there for about 2 years) I don’t have any desire to visit or live there though… too hot!


  3. Hello Jackie!

    I love to paint as well 🙂 What’s your favorite medium to paint with? Also, I’m really good friends with Lacey Dean (we live in the same little town of Grants Pass), and I’m pretty sure she’s talked about you before! All good things of course. You sound like a super awesome gal and I’m excited to have this class with you!

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    1. YES! it all makes sense now! lacey is one of my best friends and she’s definitely mentioned you (again, all beautiful things) and she always said we would be friends 🙂 i just always admired your yellow jacket and curly hair from afar! so nice to finally “meet” you! water color is what i’ve done for the longest, but i’ve recently picked up oils and am loving it. what do you like to paint with?

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  4. I love acrylics and I want to try oils ASAP! Watercoloring has kind of been a struggle for me for some reason but maybe we can meet up at Fox next year and have a painting party!

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  5. Hey Jackie!

    First of all love your name and I am so glad you spell it the right way 😉 I am also from Washington! I agree with you about the hot weather. I basically melt once it gets to 80. Everyone always hates on dad jokes, but I think they make for some of the best laughs! What is one of your favorite dad jokes? You seem like such a bubbly, sweet person! I’m excited to get to know you more!


  6. Hi Jackie! Is that second picture taken at Rowena Crest? I live in Hood River and it looks so familiar! I also love the way you write and I can really see your personality come through in this post. I’m excited to get to know you more and see some of your artwork!


  7. Hi Jackie! Glad to have a new pal. I too like life. Inconsistency is definitely a good thing! Keeps life interesting. You are my last reply, so the motivation is kind of running low over here, so forgive me for the short reply. Definitely get back to me with your best dad joke! I am a huge fan of puns, so if you could include one that’d be greatly appreciated.

    Good to meet you!


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