Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello all!

My name is Asteria. I just turned 21 and I will be a senior this coming fall. I am majoring in chemistry and minoring in biology and math. For the summer, I will be living at Le Shana while doing research in the chemistry department! My research works with polymers to create a drug delivery system. This is my 3rd and final summer working on this project and we’re hoping to publish a paper on it soon. I also work at Walgreens (right across the street from GFU) in the pharmacy. My goal after graduation is to go to pharmacy school and become a pharmacist. Working at Walgreens so far has not deterred me from my goal.

I was born and raised from Redmond, WA. I have an older sister who graduated from Washington State University a few years back. Both my parents are immigrants from Hong Kong. I am bilingual, though I feel that I am slowly becoming less fluent in Chinese while being away from home.

I love traveling – I have been to nine different countries so far (13 if you count layovers). My favorite place I have been to so far is Mt. Sinai. Going up the mountain as the sun sets is absolutely breath taking. I loved being able to look at the numerous starts without any light pollution. It also brought to perspective what Moses had gone through himself.

In my free time I like to run, go on hikes, play volleyball, and eat! I do have a preference for sushi, but I love trying new things and will basically eat anything that’s edible. The most bizarre thing I’ve ever eaten would probably be crocodile meat (from New Orleans).

I also love watching television shows on Netflix/Hulu. Some of my favorite shows include: Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. This summer, I hope to go on many hikes, go canoeing, and do some stargazing.

Below, are a few pictures of me. The first one was taken on a trip to New Orleans with the chemistry faculty and several students. The second picture was taken at the Pyramids of Giza – if you’re wondering, limestone does not taste like lime. The last one is a picture of my sister (left) and I.


12 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, Hello!”

  1. Hi Asteria! It’s so great to “meet” you! I love that last picture, is that The Pyramids? What a cool trip! I’d love to hear about your travels, you probably have seen a lot of the stuff we’re going to learn about!


    1. Hi Jackie!

      The last picture (the one of my sister and I) wasn’t taken at the pyramids, but somewhere around that area. My family and I went on this Holy Land tour in 2016, so we went to Egypt, Israel and Jordan for a little over 2 weeks. And it was an amazing experience!

      One of the cooler things I learned during my time in the Middle East was how they made papyrus paper! I’m definitely excited to learn about the things I’ve seen.


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  2. Crocodile meat huh! Wow… The most bizarre thing I’ve ever eaten was ox muzzle salad. It was in my first month of living in Germany, and I just wanted a salad… it was a surprise…

    I also watch Brooklyn 99. Did you finish this last season yet?

    Your work with the chemistry department is very neat, I am amazed by all that can be accomplished from research in your field! Hope to hear more about how things go with that this summer!


    1. Ox muzzle salad must’ve been a huge surprise! What kind salad was it – more of a “tuna salad” but with ox muzzle, or was more of a chicken Caesar salad with ox meat instead?

      And yes! I finished this last season and the last episode was so great! I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything for anyone but, I had been waiting for this moment since season one, and everything just fit imperfectly perfect together.


      1. The ox muzzle was very thinly sliced meat on top of an otherwise normal salad. The meat to salad ratio was about 50/50 so lots of meat… paper thin muzzle meat.

        I agree the finale was just right!


  3. Hello Asteria!
    I loved your pictures; sounds to me like you’ve been on many exciting adventures! I was thinking about what you said about Mt. Sinai and can’t even imagine how beautiful that must have been! A couple years ago my family and I traveled to Japan and we hiked/took a tram up a mountain that brought us above the clouds to a dreamy view of Mt. Fuji. You talked about the most bizarre food you’ve ever had, but what was one of your favorite foods that you ate overseas? Foods from different cultures are AWESOME.


    1. That must’ve been amazing being above the clouds! I honestly love any type of raw fish I had overseas so anything sushi related haha. But other than sushi, I really enjoyed hummus from the middle east, fish and chips from England and shish kebab from Jordan.


  4. Hey Asteria!

    I hope you had a great jr’s abroad trip! I am so excited that you are taking this class too! 🙂 Wow your research project sounds amazing! I love to talk about it more with you in person because I feel like that would be a long description for you to type haha. Visiting Mt. Sinai sounds like such a crazy experience! I love sushi! Which is your favorite? Do you like Poke? I have heard crocodile meat tastes good. What does it taste like?


    1. Yes the jr’s abroad trip was great! 🙂

      I love any type of sushi! My favorite type is salmon – I just love the way it melts in your mouth 🙂 But poke is good too! I’ve been wanting to try out the poke place in Sherwood for some time now.

      The crocodile meat was good! It tasted kind of like chicken, but it also had a slight fishy aftertaste. I’ve tried it in a sausage and then had it deep fried. Both ways were really good.


  5. Hi Asteria! I just got back from Israel and Jordan and LOVED it! I especially loved Jordan. What was your favorite thing to eat when you were in the Middle East? I loved halva and kenafe while I was there. I’ve also had alligator tail in South Carolina. It is definitely part of the Southern culture!


    1. Ahh I’m so glad you loved it there! I had such an amazing time while I was there! There were so many good foods in the Middle East! I liked the hummus, the shish kabob and all the fish. There were just so many!

      I agree that alligator is part of the southern culture! I think the same goes for crayfish too!

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  6. Hello Asteria! First off, cool name. Second, I share your love of bizarre foods! Weirdest thing I’ve had is probably drunken shrimp. If you don’t know, the shrimp are eaten alive, but they are stunned in some kind of Chinese liquor so they don’t move around while you eat them. I had it at a Chinese place in San Francisco. Super weird!
    Nice to meet you!


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