Oli Otya? (How are you?)

Hello fellow Art History friends!

My name is Hannah Lingel and I am going into my senior year at Fox with a major in Business Management and a double minor in International Studies and Global Business. My dream and my goal are to work in international non-profit, specifically in Uganda. I have been to Uganda on three separate occasions and I even lived there for three months. This place has completely captured my heart and God has made it fairly clear that he wants me to move there. So that is the plan after graduation! My title is a phrase of welcome in Luganda, the language spoken in Uganda. They do not have one word for “hello”, rather, they ask “how are you?” instead.

I have a large passion for traveling and besides Uganda I have been to Italy, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, and all over the United States. Experiencing new cultures and hearing others’ stories is what allows me to thrive and understand Jesus in new and exciting ways. I love the discomfort and flexibility that comes along with traveling.

Besides traveling, I love to read and challenge my mind to understand hard concepts or things that are different than my own thinking. I also love being outside especially if I am on a beach. I am from Hood River, Oregon so the beauty of nature is vastly captivating. We spent many summers on our boat on the Columbia River and many winters with multiple feet of snow. God’s power and splendor through the four seasons is evident where I come from. I also have two brothers, one younger and one older. Being the only girl has made me into a kind of tomboy. I love all things sports, especially when it comes to basketball. Having brothers has given me immense patience, but also a spirit of adventure.

Here are a few pictures of some of my travels! These are from Uganda, Israel, and Jordan.

12 thoughts on “Oli Otya? (How are you?)”

  1. Hello Hannah!
    I loved reading your post; it sounds like you are very passionate about what you do and you have an awesomely laid out plan for the future! Do you speak Luganda fluently? I’ve traveled to many places around the world as well and I completely agree that the discomfort and flexibility is what makes traveling so thrilling. I visited Rome, Italy and I’m curious what part of Italy you went to?


    1. I don’t speak it fluently but I can hold basic conversation. My goal is to become fluent! I traveled all over Italy when I went. We visited Rome, Assisi, Florence, Pisa, Venice, etc. How long were you in Rome? I would love to go back sometime. It was forever ago that I went!


      1. When we traveled to Europe, we stayed in Amsterdam for three days and Rome for six. Wish we could have stayed longer though because it was such an awesome place with so much to see!

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  2. Hello Hannah!

    I loved hearing about all your travels. It seems like most of the people in this class travel a lot. I love all your pictures! Especially the one in front of Petra! In that las picture, was that at the Wailing Wall/Western Wall?

    That is so awesome that you have been to Uganda multiple times and you are feeling called to go back there. How much Luganda do you know? What did you do in Uganda for the three months you were there?

    I also think it’s so great that we live in a place where we can experience the various seasons that show God’s beautiful creation. 😊


    1. Yes it was at the Western Wall! I love hearing about others’ travel experiences as well! I can hold basic conversation in Luganda. I hope to become fluent though! While I was there I was with an organization called Show Mercy International. We did a lot of social outreach such as visiting the elderly in our program, teaching at village schools, going to a local health clinic, and those sorts of things. I was also a communications person between the short-term trips that came and our staff in Uganda.


      1. That is awesome! I’m so glad you had an amazing time in Uganda and was able to communicate with others! That is so cool.

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  3. Hi Hannah!

    I can really tell how passionate you are about the line of work you will be doing in the future. I have always enjoyed hearing people’s stories about receiving their calling from God. One things that stuck out to me was when you explained how how in Uganda they say “how are you?” instead of just “hello.” I feel like it is more personal and shows how they genuinely care about one another. You have traveled to a lot of places! What is one of the craziest or most memorable stories from your travels? I am excited to get to know you better!


    1. I’m excited to get to know you more too! I think this class is going to be very fun. Wow that’s a tough question! Just recently I was in Jordan and a group of four of my friends and I met a man at a cafe who invited us to his house for dinner. We ended up going and ate sheep’s brain! I guess that was pretty crazy to go to a stranger’s home and eat brain…

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  4. Hi Hannah! I loved the pictures from your travel. Looks super exciting! I certainly hope to see the world as you have, and find more places that feel like home.

    I also love to read. What are some favorite genres of yours?

    Good to meet you!


    1. Good to meet you too, Stephen! I will really read anything. I love historical fiction and philosophy books. I also enjoy a good theology book. What do you enjoy reading?


  5. We sound pretty similar in our love for challenge and discomfort! I’ve really gotten into reading books that make me think hard this summer, and even stir up wha tmy heart feels even more. What have been some of your most-thinking-hard books lately?


    1. Hmmm…I’m currently reading The Four Loves by CS Lewis for the second time. That book always makes me think. I’m also reading a book called My Promised Land which is about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What books are you reading right now?


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