Hello Everyone!

Seems that I am one of the last to submit my introductory blog post, so I’ll at least do my best to make it interesting.

First off, my name is Stephen and I will be entering my fourth year (out of five unfortunately) at Fox this coming Fall. I am an accounting major, and I don’t hate it as much as some of my peers. After graduation, I hope to spend some time in public accounting to gain experience, and then eventually start my own firm. My ultimate goal is to drive the success of my own business by helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their own goals and aspirations. Win-win if you ask me.

I was born in Astoria, OR, and my family moved to Eugene (Go Ducks) shortly after. I have two older brothers, a mom, a dad, and a ferocious dachshund named Charlie.

As for hobbies, there really is no beginning or end to what I like to do, but a couple of things stand out. First, I love to cook. Italian and French cuisine are my favorites, but I also love to cook Asian food. Second, I love to work on, drive, and race cars. I have built several cars from the ground up, and currently own two cars that I take to track days, drift events, and car meets on a regular basis. Lastly, I love the outdoors. I spend a great deal of time camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking.

I haven’t been anywhere that interesting like the rest of you, but I do share your love of travel. I recently completed a 2000 mile journey with some friends known as the beater bash. The concept is that you by a car for less than 500 dollars, and spend 4 days traveling across the country and getting into shenanigans with your friends (you have no idea how fun it is to play soccer with cars until you actually do it).

Well, I think that is most of what you need to know about me. I’m excited to study with you guys!

-Stephen Allen

P.S. I’m the one in the gray sweater.

6 thoughts on “Introductions:”

  1. Hello Stephen! GO DUCKS! I am a huge Duck fan and love following all of their sports. Do you watch Top Gear by chance? I don’t really watch it but I do remember one episode where they took this beat up truck and drove it across the United States. Your beater bash kind of sounds like that! I’m glad you are enjoying accounting! Is Josh or Seth your advisor?


  2. You did make it interesting–mission accomplished! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who drifts cars at events! That’s really neat! You also have me beat, I have yet to travel to all the cool and exciting places, and i have even yet to complete the beater bash (which sounds pretty flipping cool if you ask me!) You’ll have to explain this car soccer more…


  3. Hey Stephen! What you want to do when you graduate sounds amazing! My dad is really into cars. Him and my grandpa built a a 1932 hot rod. The beater bash sounds insane! I am trying to imagine what car soccer would actual look like. Did you guys have goals?


  4. Hi Stephen!

    What is Astoria like? Whenever I introduce myself to people, a common response is “oh, kinda like Astoria”, but I have never been there myself.
    What are your favorite dishes to make? That sounds like a huge variety of yummy foods!

    That’s so cool that you love to work on cars. How long does it usually take you to build a car from the ground up? Where did you and your friends go on your 2,000-mile adventure? That sounds like so much fun!



  5. Car soccer??? Sounds awesome! I feel like a movie could be made about your “beater bash” adventure; it sounds extremely cool. What’s your favorite thing to cook? I watch Food Network Channel quite often, so I love talking about food and I’m curious what you like to make? I really enjoyed reading your blog!


  6. Welcome Stephen! Do you enjoy watching any of the cooking shows? I am a big fan of the “Chef’s Table” series on Netflix. I also enjoy watching Masterchef with Gorden Ramesy.


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