Week 8 Jackie Hazlett

I am so thankful I didn’t “peak” in high school. I peaked in middle school.

You might think that’s worse, but trust me, it’s not. You see I had all the affirmation of being cool when I needed it, but everyone forgot about that time by the time we hit high school. People are still “waiting” for me to peak. It’s like it never happened and there might be a second wave on the horizon of coolness. There’s probably not, but there could be.

I feel like maybe the Renaissance era would agree with me. As far as I’m concerned, being the crowning of human endeavor sounds a lot like an early “peak.”



Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise is an excellent example. This relief sculpture was cast in individual bronze reliefs and assembled to be the baptistry doors of Florence. The cohesive color of the bronze illuminates the light of God while the individual tiles tell the story of God’s hand in history. The repetition of the module also opens space for unity and variety throughout the sculpture. The unifying, repeating square shape with a variance of the detail inscribed creates a cohesive feeling. The scale of the piece is hard to see in a textbook or computer, but the multiplying magnitude of the smaller squares adding to the large doors is overwhelming. This piece overall does a highly effective job of being complete, bold, and detailed.

I would not say we are fully immersed in a time of Renaissance, or re-birth, but I do believe that it is on the horizon and that people see that we are in need of one. I would first say that technology needs a re-birth. Technology, since the early 200s has progressed far more exponentially than our minds can really keep up with. Already I see people uncomfortable with how fast we’ve been moving, especially with CRISPR technology for example. CRISPR technology gives us the ability to cut out and rewrite our DNA. This could be used to grow plants that build a home on their own, demolishing the construction industry. CRISPR is more known for what it can do in healthcare, eliminating genetic diseases from unborn babies, but also potentially making way for people with the money to create their own “designer baby.”

I also see a need for a re-birth in the view of art in culture. I think a lot of times art is seen purely for its aesthetic value, and nothing else. I think it would be really effective for the overall wellness and also educational system if art was of higher reverence. Art could be used for more than aesthetic value, but also for the development of communication and effectiveness in learning processes.

3 thoughts on “Week 8 Jackie Hazlett”

  1. Your analysis of Ghiberti’s sculpture was really well-done! I agree that the color is cohesive and there is both unity and variety found within the piece. What does CRISPR stand for? Honestly, I hadn’t heard about it until you explained what it is and my first impression is that it is very useful but also a little scary. It would be really cool to stop genetic diseases, but “designer babies” don’t sound very natural. I enjoyed reading your blog post; great job!


  2. The intro to your blog was incredible and I love that your sense of humor and personality come through so much in your blog! I also hope that the Renaissance was an early peak and that it is not the pinnacle of human existence. I agree with you in the fact that technology could be the start of a rebirth, but to what extent does it become overwhelming rather than helpful? The Renaissance had its drawbacks, and I think a modern Renaissance could as well especially in regard to technology. I definitely agree with you that the idea of art and how we think of it could use an upgrade. Really great post!


  3. I liked your personal touch you added in the beginning of your blog post. I think it worked well with relating it to the Renaissance. I agree that the Renaissance sounds like an “early” peak. The artwork you chose to analyze is beautiful. I think you did a great job with describing/reflecting on the piece. I agree with you that we are in need for another “re-birth.” I like how you mentioned the good and bad ideas technology has brought to our society. I also think art has lost of its value and is used to create an anesthetically pleasing environment. Great job!


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