Week 6 Jacqueline Hazlett

Lindau Gospels seem to glisten despite being over 1000 years old. The covers are a multimedia project at the core that took place over the entire spans of modern day Germany. The cover withholds the four gospels and the prologue of Jerome. The cover is backed with silk and the front is encrusted with hundreds of precious stones and laid with gold. The four quadrants surrounding include symmetrical figures made of gems and etched angels. The central figure is the crucified Christ. This depiction of Christ has a near-perfect posture. There is a confident feeling–more of an arms-open-wide to a hug feel than anything else.


image and info source

The Gero Crucifix towers over the Lindau Gospels. The not-so-humble in height wooden cross meets a near 6 feet. Though the figure is more modest in ornaments, the sculpture is taller than most people. The piece originally sat at the foot of Archbishop Gero’s grave. The piece was donated. The sculpture depicts a Christ of humiliation. The eyes are closed and the body is contorted in a way that suggests pain more than just external.


image and info source

I feel like the Gero Crucifix more closely depicts the crucifixion seen most today. I noticed in about 2012, maybe when I was in late middle school, there was a wave of “Jesus Freaks” that went on and on about the costly price Jesus paid. All over my little Christian Pinterest, there were pdfs on the scientific explanation of how gruesome the death of Christ was. Even today I attended a Catholic Mass for another class’ assignment, and every depiction of Jesus on the cross was a contorted, pain-ridden body. There was nothing glamorous about the crucifixion, and I feel like the Gero Crucifix depicts that.

I am most drawn to the Gero Crucifix for that reason. It speaks grandeur through scale and more humble materials, rather than the expense. I don’t think Jesus was a precious gems kind of guy–He had those in heaven. He came to Earth humbly and was a big deal through that, and between the two options, I feel like the Gero Crucifix better represents that.

As for the Illumination project, I am excited. I have always had a strong interest in embossing and card making, and I would love to include that process. I am still a little unclear on what passages we’re supposed to be looking to represent our pieces.

3 thoughts on “Week 6 Jacqueline Hazlett”

  1. I agree that the Gero Crucifix looks more realistic. It is interesting that this is one of the most used depictions of Jesus. Why do you think Jesus is mostly seen in the crucifixion scene rather than on the throne in Heaven? I think it is to remember the acts that he has done for us, but I also think it is relevant to depict him as he is today. I really enjoyed reading your post!


  2. I think you worded it perfectly, the Gero Crucifix seemed more humble and less extravagant than the Lindau gospels. I think that the crucifix reflects the beliefs of Jesus. Like you said, Jesus came to Earth humbly and did not care a lot for extravagance. I agree with you that I like the Gero Crucifix more, it accurately depicts the pain and suffering Christ endured for us.

    Speaking about humility, why do you think the crucifix is so large in size?


  3. I watched a movie about the life of Christ and it did not neglect any gory details about the crucifixion (can’t seem to remember the name of the movie.. oops). What you said about the different depictions of the crucifixion reminded me of the scene in the movie where Jesus suffers the most painful death of them all and it’s just interesting to think about that compared to the “Sunday school” version where Christ is put up on a cross, his mother cries, he dies and that’s that. At what point is it important/appropriate to show the real pain Christ went through? It’s gruesome and heart-breaking, but I really do think it’s important to know about because my faith was strengthened by learning about it.

    What kind of paper do you think you’ll do your illuminated manuscript on? The original ones were done on parchment, but are you going to do it on regular paper? I’m not sure what to use for mine, so I was wondering what other people were going to do… Great post by the way 🙂


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