My name is Ariel Herrera and I’m going to be a senior this coming year and my major is Business Administration. What many people don’t know about me is I was Born in El Salvador and moved to Salem, Oregon when I was 3 years old. My whole family (Mom, Dad, Sister) were born in El Salvador except for my younger brother who was born here. My parents also own a restaurant in Salem called “La Margarita Express” we serve Salvadoran and Mexican food.

At Fox I’m on the Mens soccer team so this will be last year playing at the college level and it should be an exciting one since we just got a new coach. On my free time I like to go out with friends and explore new places or even just staying home and watching a bunch of movies. My favorite type of food is Chinese food I can never get tired of it. There’s a buffet not to far from my house which I find myself going to regular called Great Wall Buffet.

Something I want to do this summer is travel to California and go to Six Flags. I’ve only gone once but that one time was one of the best times I’ve had. I’m a roller coaster guy so I’m a big fan of amusement parks. I would say this summer is definitely one of the busiest summers I’m going to have so far. I’m taking 3 summer classes, I’ll be working with the Portland Timbers youth camp program which is coaching little kids, I’ll also be working at my parents restaurant, and I also have to complete a workout packet our coach gave us which has daily workouts. Even though it’s going to be a busy one I think it’s also going to be a fun one.

Well that’s all for now this class should be fun and can’t wait to get to meet the rest of you guys



6 thoughts on “Hello!!”

  1. Hi Ariel! How do you like your new coach? I’ve heard good things about him. That’s so cool that you will be working with the Portland Timbers youth program! That is such an awesome experience with which you can bring some of your personal strengths! Sounds like a busy summer!


  2. Hi Ariel! Thanks for sharing with us! It sounds like you’re at an exciting in between of “almost there” and “holding onto memories” still. What have been some of your favorite memories from playing soccer at Fox? Also, what kind of business do you think you want to go into out of college?


  3. Hey Ariel! Roller coasters are the best! I have been to six flags a couple times. Their roller coasters are honestly probably the craziest I have been on. Are you planning on going just to six flags or Disneyland too? I hope you’re able to go! Sounds like you are going to have a very busy summer. Good luck juggling everything!


  4. Hi Ariel! Nice to meet you.

    What is your favorite dish from El Salvador?
    That’s so awesome you get to work with the Portland Timbers! It does seem like you have a jam-packed summer ahead and with a lot of commuting! But it looks like you’ll at least get to relax and have fun a bit at Six Flags. I love amusement parks, and like you, I’ve only been to those a few times in my life.

    What are the other two class you’ll be taking?


  5. Hello Ariel!
    Wow, I hope you are able to fit some sleep and rest into your busy summer schedule! What are your plans after finishing your last year of college? Will you continue playing soccer? I’ve been to Six Flags once before and it’s a BLAST. Nice to ‘meet’ you!


  6. Ariel, welcome!

    Who will you be rooting for in the World Cup, in your opinion, who is going to make it to the finals this time around?

    I have Belgium and Germany playing for finals because I love the German team, and the Belgium team has some pretty deep and solid skills these days.

    I am also rooting for Peru to get past the group stage, we will see! If my two teams don’t end up in the final I’d like to see Argentina with Messi in the final for his team since I believe he is retiring before the next world cup and I think he is an all around great player and person.

    Nice to meet you, and good luck with all your endeavors this summer!


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